Nag Panchami 2020 – Its Significance And Rituals




The month of monsoon famously known as “Sawan ka Mahina” is special in many ways for Hindus across the world. People celebrate and practice several rituals during this time.  In this month, Lord Shiva is worshipped by all his devotees and they even fast on Mondays (Lord Shiva day) for the deity to seek his blessings. Several festivals like Haryali teej, Guru Purnima and Nag Panchami are celebrated in this month of Sawan. Nag Panchami is celebrated 2 days after Haryali teej, this year the festival is falling on the 25th of July 2020, Saturday.

All about Nag Panchami


Nag Panchami is an auspicious occasion celebrated by the Hindus all across the world. There are several stories related to the festival. On this day, snakes are worshipped and people worship and offer milk to the serpents to seek their blessing. It is said that worshipping snakes on this day brings good luck and good fortune.

Nag devta has been specially associated with Tridev, Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Nag Panchmi and Lord Krishna

It also has a special association with Lord Krishna, there was an occasion when a serpent named Kalia challenged Shri Krishna and the way it all happened was surprising and incredible. The story is also mentioned in scriptures. In the childhood of Lord Krishna, When he was playing along with his friends on the banks of River Yamuna, his maternal uncle famously known as Kansa sent a huge serpent named Kalia to kill Shri Krishna.

While playing, suddenly the ball went into the river and Shri Krishna went to fetch it when he saw the poisonous snake inside the River. But what followed next surprised everyone. The dangerous snake was unaware of the powers of Shri Krishna and challenged him.

However, Shri Krishna defeated him ferociously, leaving him alive. Kalia understood the power of Shri Krishna, he apologized the Lord. He lifted Shri Krishna on his back out of the river, witnessing this incredible sight the people were shocked and shaken.

Significance of Nag Panchami

Snakes have been associated with Gods and Goddesses since time immemorial. Lord Shiva is depicted with snakes around his neck in most of his images. Lord Krishna has been associated with the furious serpent named Kalia and the month of Sawan is known for these snakes which come out of their holes during this time of the year.

People fed them with milk to please the snakes so that they don’t harm the people. It is also believed that the water tides become huge like a snake during this time. Because of this reason, it is not safe to visit seaside places. However, the devotees worship the snakes with prayers and artis to calm and please them.

Since the snakes embrace a holy and vital place in the Hindu Mythology and are closely associated with the Hindu Gods, the special day known as Nag Panchami is dedicated to the serpents when they are revered and venerated by their devotees.

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