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Radha Krishna represents the purest form of love relationship. Radha Krishna’s love is that of the deepest kind just as the relationship between the sun and its ray, a flower and its scent or sugar and its sweetness. Radha was the main gopi since Shri Krishna’s childhood and they are incomplete without each other till today. Several people around the world wish for a relationship like theirs and revere them deeply and wholly from the bottom of their heart.


Here are some less known facts about Radha Krishna and why people worship and adore them.

Shri Radha’s Footsteps reside in the heart of Krishna

Once Krishna drank hot milk given by Rukmani and in the next morning there were boils on Radha’s feet. This fact is true as Radha’s footsteps reside in the heart of Shri Krishna and he dearly loved his gopi.

Lord Brahma got Radha Krishna Married in Bhandirvan

It is believed that Lord Brahma got Radha Krishna married at Bhandirvan. Lord Brahma acted as the priest in their marriage. There is still a tree in Bhandirvan that depicts Radha Krishna exchanging garlands and a tree that depicts Lord Brama witnessing the divine unison of Radha Krishna.

Radha fasting for Krishna

Once there was a sage named Katya who was a great devotee of Parvati Mata. When Parvati ji came in front of him and asked him to wish for something that he wanted. He wished for a daughter like Parvati ji, Goddess approved the same and became his daughter named Katyayani. It is Goddess Katyayani for whom Shri Radha  kept fasting to get Krishna’s love.

The story of Radha Krishna is a source of inspirations for people from all walks of Life. Their life was filled with so many challenging instances, infact Shri Krishna was born in a cell in a dark, stormy night. However, the message that he conveyed through his life is that we should make life full of laughter and happiness no matter how hard the circumstances may be.

Radha and Krishna never got a chance to live together yet they are inseparable. Their glory outshines and they are the perfect personification of Love and divinity. There’s so much to learn from their lives and practice in our lives to stay happy and calm.

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