Know how Lord Jagannath is dressed the whole year!




Lord Jagannath has numerous dressing styles and costumes throughout the year. Do you know
about them?
Let’s take a look at these interesting clothing styles.
 Chandan Besha - Vaishaka Month (April – May): Chandan or Sandalwood paste is applied
on the idols in the summer months and this is spread over 42 days during the Chandan
Yatra. Lord Jagannath along with Sree Devi and Bhoodevi go in parade in a palki for a bath
and boat ride.
 Hati Besha - Jyeshta Month (May – June): On the full moon day of Jyeshta month, Snana
Yatra is done, when the idols are bathed and after the bath is done, the lord clothing
comprise of Elephant (Hathi) masks, that makes him look like Ganapathi.
 Suna Besha - Ashada Month (June – July): When the gods return from Gundicha Mandir on
the 11th fortnight of Ashada month, on their chariots - they appear in Suna Besha means
gold. Decorative items are used like golden crown ornaments, hands, and feet for the
 Bhanabhoji Besha - Bhadraba Month (August – September): On the 10th fortnight of
Bhadraba, Lord Jagannath and other deities are dressed like cowherd boys and it is inspired
by an incident in which Lord Krishna and his brother Balaram went to the forest for a picnic.
 Lakshmi Narayan Besha - Karthika Month (October – November): Jagannath is dressed as
lord Vishnu with sliver conch and gold chakra while Bhalabhadra is dressed with a plow and
a shovel. They are embellished with various gold ornaments especially a beautiful crown
with thiakias.
 Nagarjuna Besha - Karthika Month (October – November): On the 6th day of Karthika
month, Jagannath and Balabhadra are dressed as warriors.
 Ghodalagi Besha - Margashira (December-January-February): Ghodalagi signifies the
specially designed winter god dress for the season and the idols are dressed in winter
clothes for a particular period of time.
 Raghunath Besha - Chaitra Month (March – April): In this Besha, Lord Jagannath is dressed
like Rama, Bhalabhadra as Laxman holding bows and arrows, and Subhadra is dressed like
goddess Sita.
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