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  • Gifting combo of laddu gopal ji idol, dress, flute , payal , kangan

    Introducing the adorable Laddu Gopal Ji Idol with Full dress set - a wonderful gift! This cute little idol of Lord Krishna will bring happiness. Whether...

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  • Eyes & hair decorated laddu gopal ji brass idol

    *To check exact design according to size, please select the size and image will change accordingly. Design may slightly vary due to hand painting. Size of...

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  • Heavy brass bal laddu gopal ji idol ( 8 inches)

    Size :Number : 10Height : 8 InchesWeight : 5.8 Kg

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  • Heavy decorated brass laddu gopal ji baal roop idols (7 inches)

    Size:Height : 7 Inches Weight : 2.8 Kg Number : 8

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  • Embossed laddu gopal brass idol (4.75 inches)

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  • Simple blue eyes laddu gopal statue-6

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  • Laddu gopal idols

    Bal Gopal Idol with average finishing. This Sitting Bal Gopal Idol Made By Brass Material. Size Weight Height 4 300 gm 3.70" 5 400 gm 4"...

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  • Black decorated laddu gopal idol

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  • Makhan chor night glowing idol statue

    Idols of God bring prosperity and success in a home. So, what could be a better gift or a better option to bring home than the...

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    Designer laddu gopal heavy statue pital brass murti

    Laddu gopal murti made of pital & Brass with Ornaments engraved on it. Heavy murti with Designer look. Laddu gopal murti made of pital & Brass...

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    Kanha ji - laddu gopal statue murti

    Kanha ji murti Kanha ji murti

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