Krishna And Sudama- Epitome Of True Friendship




This year 2 August 2020, Sunday is being celebrated as the friendships day. On this day, we bring to you a delightful and touching tale of the epitome of true and divine friendship. A story that’s so overwhelming, a bond that’s too strong, a friendship that’s unforgettable, we present in front of you the true story and the ultimate bond of Krishna and Sudama.

Sudama was a childhood friend of Shri Krishna. It is believed that Sudama took birth of earth to be able to meet Krishna and participate in all his deeds. He is also believed to be a divine safe and true devotee of Lord Vishnu. Sudama was born in a poor family on the other hand Krishna was from a royal background, however the difference between their status did not in any way hinder their friendship or bond. The two were inseparables and till date their oneness is an example of true friendship in front of the world. This is the reason why they are remembered on the auspicious occasion of friendship.

Even after losing touch for several years after finishing studies together, they did not leave the hope of meeting again. Sudama always had Krishna in his heart and soul and kept thinking of him until they met again. The whole incident when sudama met Krishna after so many years is so touching and unforgettable. Even today when we think about those times, we have tears in our eyes thinking of the bond, the love that the two of them had for each other.

When Sudama visits his dear friend Krishna

After getting beaten by the knight who was jealous of Krishna’s popularity, Sudama finally decided to visit his friend. He didn’t want to go empty handed and asked his wife to pack some food for Krishna. Having nothing to eat in the house, his wife packed some rice in a little piece of cloth and gave it to Sudama. Sudama took it and left for Dwarka.

Reaching Dwarka, Sudama was amazed to see the lavish gates of the palace, and then entered the palace after crossing several gates he finally reached the place where Shri Krishna was sitting with his wife Rukmini. Just when Krishna saw Sudama after so many years, he stood up and had tears running down his eyes, he started moving towards his friend and so did Sudama in utter love and adoration. Krishna fondly embraced Sudama and wiped his tears, the members of the palace where shocked seeing their King meet the poor Sudama with such admiration and love. Krishna even cleaned his friedn’s feet and gave him a warm welcome. Sudama was so overwhelmed by the rousing welcome that he received from Krishna.

The true bond of friendship

The bond that Sudama and Krishna shared is above every over relation or bond. The people around them were shocked to see their love for each other. Sudama was an ardent believer of Krishna and on the other hand Krishna was so fond of his friend that his status hardly ever mattered to him even after being from such a royal background.

We remember them today on this auspicious day and always!

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