How Vasant Panchmi Is Celebrated In The Holy City Of Vrindavan?

Vasant panchmi is a Hindu festival that highlights the beginning of a new season. This festival is usually celebrated on Panchmi the fifth day of Magh Shuklapaksh as Vasant Panchmi.

Vasant Panchmi is Vrindavan and decorations

The holy town of Vrindavan is generously decorated in yellow to welcome the season of spring. Everything is decorated vibrantly, the fields of this holy town are lush yellow with mustard flowers in full bloom, temples are decorated with orange and yellow flowers and devotees are dressed in bright hues.

The festivity marks the beginning of spring and end of winter season. The idol of radha Krishna is beautifully adorned in yellow attire, bejeweled with beautiful ornaments. The winter attire is finally removed to represent the start of a new season. Everybody gets enchanted by seeing the celebration of spring festival in the temples of the holy town Mathura Vrindavan.

Various religious programs are organized in all major temples of Vrindavan on the special occasion of Vasant Panchmi. Also Radharaman Thakur comes twice a year, in which the philosophy of Vasant Panchmi is considered to have special religious significance.

The room is decorated according to the season to make Thakur ji feel the spring season. The fragrance of rose elevates the charm of the atmosphere. During Shringar, a small amount of Gulal is sprinkled on devotees and the idol of Radha Krishna as a display of happiness and the upcoming festival of Holi.

Significance of yellow color on Vasant Panchmi

The color yellow holds a special meaning for this celebration as it signifies the brilliance of nature and the vibrancy of life. The whole place bursts with yellow during the festival. People dress in yellow and they offer yellow flowers to the gods and goddesses. They also prepare a feast on this special occasion which is also of yellow color.

Bhog and Prasad

In 'Raj Bhog' Mal puas, kesar laddoo, balushahi, Kachori and other delicacies are offered which are all yellow in colour. In the evening couplets of Holi are sung by the devotees to please the lord. These couplets describe that the festival of Holi is about to knock the doors of Vrindavan and add thrill in hearts of devotees.

Devotees from across the world visit Vrindavan for the special darshan of Radharaman and also to witness the endearing decorations specially done to add to the atmosphere.

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