5 Life Changing Lessons By Shri Krishna





Despite suffering so much Shri Krishna lead a happy life and even taught others the right way of leading their lives. His teachings are a blessing for the mankind that teaches us all great things.

True Friendship


Even though Krishna was the king of grand Dwarka and all powerful, he was still humble and had tremendous respect and love for his friend Sudama. Unlike Krishna Sudama was deprived of financial wealth. One day when Sudama visited the Lord, he saw tears in Krishna’s eyes and the same kind of love that he always used to have for him. Krishna cleaned Sudama’s feet with his hands and served his dear friend.

Shri Krishna is the true embodiment of love and simplicity. And he explains us the true meaning of friendship.

No Job is big or small

Krishna has always taught us to love what we do no matter how big or small the job is. According to Shri Krishna you send most of your life doing your job and it is important to love what you are doing otherwise it’s of no use. No labour is without dignity and no job can be completed without complete and genuine indulgence.

Importance of Karma (performing own duty)


Krishna explains that on should perform his/her duty without thinking about its outcome. One’s work or duty shouldn’t be driven by the end result instead he/she should enjoy the process of getting there.

In the battle field of Krukshetra, Shri Krishna could have easily killed all his enemies with the Sudarshan Chakara but he didn’t do that because he wanted to teach the importance of Karma or performing duty to the coming generation. Krishna has explained that one can never achieve desired results without performing duty.

He also mentioned that no one can ever achieve goals while thinking of the end result. He said do your duty with your heart and full concentration and never think about its outcome.

The trick to achieve great things in life is not to concentrate too much on the final result but to just enjoy the process of reaching there.

Control your anger


According to Krishna, any decision taken in anger is wasteful and can ruin one’s life. Therefore, one must learn to control anger and avoid taking false decisions on the basis of anger. Shri Krishna explains that anger is the basic cause of all kind of failures in a person’s life. It is always suggested to take a decision when your mind is at peace.



Krishna always taught us to live in the present moment. Krishna himself was conscious about the future but still choose to live in the present without worrying about the future. Mindfulness is all about living in the present and being aware of the present moment instead of worrying about what happened or what will happen.

One may get distracted by the challenges of life, but staying and being aware of the present moment helps you cope from the situation well.

These are the various life changing lessons by Shri Krishna. Every human being must apply Krishna’s teaching in his/her life in order to lead a contented and peaceful life.

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