How To Dress Up Laddu Gopal Ji For Hariyali Teej 2020




This year Haryali teej will be celebrated on 23th July 2020, Thursday by Hindus all across the nation. The festival welcomes monsoon and is celebrated to cherish the rainy season when the surroundings become greener. The festival also marks the remembrance of reunion of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati as his wife. Many women fast on this festival seeking well-being of their husbands, children and their own selves.

The occasion is widely celebrated with singing and dancing, married daughters are embraced with gifts including shringar items and accessories like bangles, clothes and much more famously known as ‘Sindhare’. Special food is made to offer to the god and later to the family as Prasad.

On this auspicious day moon has a special connection. Women gather to worship the moon and offer milk, curd and flowers at the time of Puja. Both married and unmarried women enjoy the festival by singing, dancing, swinging and dressing up beautifully.

The occasion is believed to be quite auspicious and all the Gods and Goddesses are also dressed with complete shringar on this occasion. The devotees of lord Krishna celebrate the festival with great joy and enthusiasm. At the time of Haryali teej swings are adorned and laid down in the gardens, temples and shrines of the holy city Vrindavan.

Devotees enjoy swinging on the swings along with their companions remembering how radha Krishna used to swing together. There are many pictures depicting radha Krishna idol on the swings, this ceremony is famously known as “Jhullan Leela”.

Devotees chant hyms and devotional songs related to radha Krishna and even perform Rasleela. Several people from around the world come to witness the famous kanha ji Jhula that comes only once in a year on Hariyali teej to reminiscence the Radha Krishna.

For those who have laddu gopal ji at home, you can dress your kanha ji with endearing laddu gopal poshak preferably green in color to mark the celebrations and decorate the kanha ji jhula with fresh flowers.

Here are some good suggestions to celebrate this Haryali teej 2020 with laddu gopal ji.

Radha Krishna idol

If you don’t have Radha Krishna idol at home, get one this haryali teej to celebrate the auspicious occasion. The idol of Radha Krishna brings positivity and spread cheerfulness in the ambiance of your home, keeping you and your family happy and healthy.

Adorn a lavish green laddu gopal poshak

Dressing up laddu gopal ji is an art, it takes a lot of courage to dress up laddu gopal ji appropriately, his devotees would agree to this. Kanha ji poshak should always be apt for the occasion, so this teej buy a beautiful green colored dress to celebrate the greenery and the monsoon.

Decorate kanha ji jhula with fresh flowers

Kanha ji loved swinging along with his beloved Radha. Adorn a kanha ji jhula this teej with flowers and embellishment to welcome home Radha Krishna and happiness that comes along.

Buy embellished jhula bed singhasan for Thakur ji

Elevate the look of your puja ghar with a decorative singhasan for Thakur ji that’s embellished with beads and ballons to place the deity.

Get a readymade dress for kanha ji

Buy a readymade dress for kanha ji online to avoid any kind of hassle. There are a lot of online stores offering inexpensive kanha ji readymade poshak to suit the requirements of the devotees.

Choose peacock kanha dress design

Peacock is green in color, so it is a good idea to dress your kanha ji in a peacock style dress to cekebrate haryali teej.

Adorn kanha ji mukut

The crown is an essential item when it comes to dressing up kanha ji. Don’t forget to buy a kanha ji pagdi or crown to decorate him comprehensively.

Buy laddu gopal accessories      

There are so many accessories and embellishments with which you can decorate your laddu gopal ji like laddu gopal cap, footwear, tagdi and so on. These embellishments can be easily bought through a click of the button. All you need to do is browse and find out the best one.

Buy laddu gopal shringar

Shringar for laddu gopal ji includes kajal, tikka, haar, mala, mukut and more. To avoid any hassle you ca simply buy a shingar box for kanha ji that has all the essentials in it.

Kanha ji haar

While performing rituals, haar is an important item that needs to be adorned on Krishna. Make sure to buy a haar made with fresh flowers. You can also buy two or more to change after a while and store them in a cool place to maintain the freshness.

The aforementioned list of suggestions will surely help you if you’re looking to celebrate this haryali teej 2020 with your laddu gopal ji.

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