Know what you need if you have laddu Gopal's idol at home!

Do you have a laddu Gopal idol at home?

If yes, then you need to do these things.

Krishna is the embodiment of love and according to Shastras, he had the innate quality to attract anyone in contact with him.

However, a Krishna idol in kid form at home is totally different from idols of him with his brother, Balaram or Rukmini, wife of Krishan Ji, or any other form. Know what you need in your home temple to serve laddu gopal.

Flute (bansuri)

Krishna was proficient at playing the flute and hearing him play, all the gopis would dance around him. It is accepted that the flute can unite individuals, so it is a need in your home sanctuary.

Cow and calf sculpture

According to Hindu folklore, a cow has all the 33 crore Gods of Hinduism and one should keep a cow and calf sculpture in his home sanctuary.

Peacock feather

A peacock feather represents the appealing character of an individual and keeping a peacock feather in your home sanctuary brings you bliss.


It reflects battle throughout everyday life, yet stays unadulterated and fragrant. It is accepted that a lotus carries unfaltering quality to an individual.

Misri and Makhan

Use some crystallised sugar cubes when preparing prasad for Lord Krishna, which is popularly known as Misri with some white butter.

Vaijayanti mala

Lord Krishna wore Vaijayanti mala around his neck. You can olease Krishna by keeping a Vaijayanti mala in your home temple and it would be better if it has Krishna's name on it.

Offer Tulsi mala

Offering Tulsi leaves to Radha Rani is another important ritual and place some Tulsi leaves in the hand of Radha so she can offer it to Krishna. Make sure you never feed her the Tulsi leaves directly. 


Keep all areas of your life clean and cleansing it from inside and outside spiritually will eventually welcome Krishna and Radha.

The deity of Krishna

If you are keeping the deity of Krishna in his childhood form, then it's like having a real baby at home. You need to bath, change, and feed it every day. 

Bathing him

Bath laddu Gopal every day or at least once in two days and change him into a clean Kanha ki dress as you do for a kid.

Ask for forgiveness

Request Lord Krishna to pardon you for anything you have committed wrong in your life.

The right technique for serving Lord Krishna will help you with accomplishing amicability reliably. You ought to follow all of these to serve the Krishna at home. In addition to this, assuming you have Radha rani at home, then, at that point, you need to hold fast to a couple of special rules.

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