How To Dress Up Your Laddu Gopal This Winter?




Shri Krishna is loved in all his forms, be it his childhood avatar popularly known as laddu gopal ji or the one that pleases all the Gopis around. Krishna followers love him immensely and show their love towards the deity through reverence, devotion and performing shringar. Shri Krishna is known for his beauty and divine look, so the devotees never fail to dressing him up with beautiful poshak and accessories.

Devotees often buy laddu gopal dresses according to the weather, occasion and design of the dress. For summers, there are different dresses and for winters, devotees refer to buy woolen dresses for laddu gopal ji with woolen cap or pagdi.

Below mentioned are some essentials for laddu gopal ji especially for the cold season.

Warm Fabric

We all switch to our warm sweaters, jackets and socks during winters so how can we not dress up our laddu gopal in warm fabric during winters.  When shopping for laddu gopal ji ensure to buy warm, soft and smooth wool fabric that hugs the idol perfectly, giving the deity a warm and cozy feeling. For devotees, it’s not just an idol but the deity himself living with them.

Woolen cap

In summers, we offer pagdi and crowns for the deity, but during winters it’s essential to offer woolen caps instead of crowns to keep the deity warm and comfortable. Summers fabrics or dresses for laddu gopal ji do not work during winters. You need to immediately remove and switch to woolen clothes.

Crochet designer dress for special occasions

If you’re thinking that there are no laddu gopal fancy dress for winters, then you must have a look at the crochet designer dress collection for laddu gopal ji available online. The Crochet dress are weaved with thread and there’s elegance weaved through every thread that makes these dresses idol for special occasions like Christmas and New Year.

Woolen night dress for laddu gopal ji

Don’t you wear a night dress? Then why not buy a woolen night dress for your laddu gopal too. There is a range of beautiful and cozy woolen night dress available for laddu gopal ji online and offline. These dresses are tailored with love keeping in mind the love devotees have for their Lord.

With winters come the new woolen dress collection for laddu gopal which is just apt for the weather and even for special occasions. Treat your deity rightly with the dress according to the season.

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