5 Ways To Celebrate Janmashtami At Home

Krishna Janmashtami that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. This year the auspicious festival of Janmashtami is falling of the 12th of August which is just two days ahead. Celebrations in temples and home have already begun but due to Novel Coronavirus, not many devotees can visit Krishna temples in this.


However Janmashtami celebrations are not just limited to visiting temples, you can celebrate the auspicious day at home by fasting and feasting for the lord. This year make Janmashtami extra special by celebrating it at home with your loved ones.

Every year, millions of people visit the holy city of Vrindavan to witness the divine celebrations of this festival as the famous temples in Vrindavan are decorated and embellished with Jhankis enacting events of Krishna’s life, the streets decorated with colorful and vibrant lights and the Lord is adorned in beautiful poshak that’s surely a sight to behold. But this year, due to lockdown in several places, not many would be able to reach the holy city. Albeit we cannot visit temples in bulk, we can still celebrate the occasion with the same zest at home.

Here are some very good ideas to celebrate Janmashtami 2020 at home:

  1. Online shopping of laddu gopal poshak

If you have Radha Krishna idol or laddu gopal ji at home, get them dressed in beautiful ethnic poshak. Browse and shop clothes for laddu gopal ji online to make this day even more special. Give your lord a complete makeover with exquisite new dresses and perform their shringaar at home. you can also buy kanha ji Singhasan online to beautifully place the idol of the God in it.

  1. Dress kids like Radha Krishna

Dressing kids like Radha Krishna is an age old tradition which is followed generation after generation. Devotees adorn their kids like Radha Krishna making them wear yellow dhoti and pitambar like Krishna and Lehenga choli like Radha. Now you can shop beautiful traditional radha Krishna dresses online at affordable prices and get them delivered at your doorstep.

  1. Decorate your home with peacock feathers, lights and diyas

Just like Diwali, on the occasion of Janmahstami, light your home with colourful lights and decorate it with rangolis, peacock feathers, candles and diyas. You can also bring home beds or jhulas for kanha ji to create krishna’s birth scene and swing him at midnight, welcoming the lord home.

  1. Buy kanha ji accessories online

Buy new jewelry for kanha ji to create a complete and inspiring look. Accessories for kanha ji include a lot of items namely mala, mukut, eaaring, tagdi, padgi and more. You can shop these things online or simple get a shringar box that includes all the essentials to decorate the lord.

  1. Cooking delicacies

Some of the family members can fast on the occasion, while others can cook delicacies to treat the lord and savor it together in form of Prasad. The entire family can sit and feast together.

Midnight is the most auspicious and spiritually inspiring time to perform pooja at home as Krishna is believed to be born in the dark and stormy midnight. The right way to start pooja is by chanting holy songs for Shri Krishna and Radha. You can also watch live videos from Vrindavan temples to know the correct process of pooja and perform the same at home.

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