5 Features Of An Ideal Kanha Ji Dress




Shri Krishna is close to the heart of his devotees, adorning kanha ji with beautiful dresses is one way to show love and warmth towards the lord. Be it Shri Krishna or his childhood avatar, the lord is known for his piercing features and beauty. Kanha ji loved to dress in different and vibrant colors as he is always remembered wearing mesmerizing accessories like earrings, mala, mukut, bansuri and more. Out of all the hue, yellow is a constant color for Shri Krishna because in the holy book of Bhagwat Gita, the lord is described wearing a yellow pitamber. Also, yellow is an illuminating color that signifies energy and positivity.


Famous artisans from the holy city of Gokul, Mathura and Vrindavan weave ethnic and aesthetic kanha ji dresses and clothes for bal gopal to ensure beauty in every thread of the dress.


Be it woolen for winters or satin for summers, the fabric should be soft and embracing to be adorned to the idol of our loved Thakur ji. Quality is one feature of kanha ji dress that we can’t afford to comprise on.


Simple yet decorative dresses appropriately suit the idol of laddu gopal ji. The dress of kanha ji is simple because it has to be changed each day and simple dresses are easy to be adorned and removed. While at the same time, the dress should be decorative with some stone and embroidery work that adds beauty to the appearance.


Kanha ji dress should be a perfect wear for all occasions and festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Janmashtami, New Year and other. Also, the dress must be such that it could be adorned in all weathers and climate.


Size is an important factor that should be considered while buying bal gopal clothes online as the size of the idol differs. Suitable size ensures perfect fitting and elevates the look of the idol.

The aforementioned features and factors of buying laddu gopal dress are essential to be kept in mind. Besides that, you must also consider the price, affordability and fast delivery. With online stores like mykanha you can be assured of all these things.

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