What Is Special About Navratri 2020?




The literal meaning of “Navratri” is ”nine nights”. The union of two words ‘Nava’ and ‘Ratri’ together refers to Nine Nights. Navratri in India is considered as a big religious festivity for nine auspicious days. The celebration goes on for nine days with fasting, meditating, chanting prayers, performing different rituals and customs to please the goddess Durga and her forms.


Goddess Durga and her various forms are together known as Navdurga which are an epitome of power and are worshipped during the nine days in every Hindu household. Navdurga is the most powerful of all who were together able to conquer the most dangerous demon and defeated him. These nine days therefore have a great significance in the Hindu religion and culture. The devotees from around the nation celebrate these auspicious days with lights, colors, decorations, prayers, songs, diyas and so on.  The occasion exhibits the victory of good over evil, hence the festival starts by lighting the house and streets in joy of celebrating the victory.


Every year Navratri festival begins from the next day of Pitra Paksha that Shraddha, however this year the festival will be starting a month after Pitra Paksha ends. In this situation, 2020 will witness a month’s gap between Pitra Paksha and Navratri. This coincidence is going to happen after 165 years, some believe that this is happening due to leap year. But because of this, the chaturmas which always used to be of 4 months, this time will be of five months. Also, it is believed that people cannot have any auspicious celebration during this period like marriage, mundan ceremony for kids and more.


It is only when the Navratri will begin , the auspicious celebrations can be done this year. Fasting and meditating have a special significance this year and it is believed that someone who prays with all heart to Navdurga this year, he/she will be able to defeat all evils in his/her life and will attain victory in all spheres of life. Praying to the Navdurga who are together divine energies bring in positivity to the universe and bestows blessings on her devotees.


The auspicious Hindu festival of Navratri is widely celebrated across India with massive decorations and grand celebration. The puja rituals are performed for nine days with each day signifying importance of one form or avatar of Goddess Durga. Celebrate it with zest and enthusiasm this year.

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