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The glorious festival of Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth of laddu gopal ji. The occasion is celebrated with zest all over the world. However, it is especially observed in the holy city of Gokul, Vrindavan and Mathura, where the lord has spent his life. In these regions, the temples and streets are decorated with decorative materials, balloons and fresh flowers. The lord is beautifully adorned with designer poshak and other embellishments. The celebrations are at its peak at midnight when the Lord is believed to be born.

The devotees of Krishna commemorate the festival by fasting, decorating, playing games like dahi-handi, playing scenes of Krishna’s childhood, singing devotional songs and holy dances to please the omnipotent. The festival is also a time for get-togethers where family and friends sit and pray together. Puja is an essential part of the festival that begins before the midnight. However the preparations start days before the big day of Janmashtami.

Here are some details of the rituals performed on Janmashtami:


The idol of the lord is bathed with five ingredients namely milk, butter, ghee, honey and curd, also known as Panchamrit.

Adorning with laddu gopal poshak

Dressing up the idol is the next step that involves adoring the lord with beautiful laddu gopal poshak, decorating with garlands, embellishments, ornaments, symbolic laddu gopal accessories like peacock feather and yellow pitambar.

Applying fragrance

Fragrance spread positivity in the atmosphere. One can seek the blessings of the Lord by applying some itra (fragrance).

Reciting holy prayers and mantras

Hare Krishna hare Rama is one famous mantra which the devotees chant while praying to the Lord by using tulsi mala.

Applying chandan and tilak

The idol of the lord is embraced with chandan (sandalwood) on the forehead.


Many people fast during this day, some eat fruits while others don’t even take water.


People eagerly wait for the midnight to swing the lord in reverence. The lord is warmly welcomed with a lot of prayers, singing and dancing.

All these rituals make the devotees feel much closer to Kanha ji and calm their senses. The prayers lead to exchange of energies and evoke positivity in the body and soul of the devotees. 

The rituals and method people practice to please the Lord varies because India is a diverse nation with different religions, castes and believes. The celebrations are regal across the world and are unforgettable. Read More at: Why Should You Buy Bal Gopal Shringar?

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