5 Reasons Why Kanhaji Is The Best Gift For Expecting Wives, Daughters And Daughters-In-Law





The road to motherhood isn't an easy one. There are many times of anxiety, or when too many things seem to be happening together. That's why what most mothers-to-be need at such a time is an anchor, one that can allow them to focus their energies and get a sense of calm and peace. And the best way to anchor a would-be mother is the child deity, Kanhaji.

In this blog, we detail why gifting a small Kanhaji, either the Makhanchor or the Laddugopal in a Lord Jhula is the best possible idea for expecting wives, daughters and daughters-in-law:

  • Auspicious sign
  • A blessed face
  • Invoke the motherly spirit
  • Ease your worries
  • Invoke divine energies
  1. A holy sign

Bring in the Holy Spirit into your household by gifting a Kanhaji to a moms-to-be. The positive energy from the toddler god will fill up their days with cheer and joy. He will also protect them from negative energies and stress.

  1. A blessed face

We ask most moms-to-be to look at angelic baby faces for a beautiful baby. Well, Kanhaji is the most beautiful baby you can find. Bring the Kanhaji and see how your expecting wife, daughter or daughter-in-law will spend hours mesmerised by His charm.

  1. Invoke the motherly spirit

Is your loved one worried about whether they would be a good mom? Give them a chance to practice their skills, by gifting a Kanhaji to them. The young God requires the same amount of gentle, loving care as a young baby. The mom-to-be would spend her days taking care of His needs - bathing, feeding, clothing, and taking care of Him. This daily routine will have her ready for the coming little one too.

  1. Ease your worries

Most of the time, an expecting wife, daughter or daughter-in-law worries about how things are developing with her baby or how things will change after he/she is born. As we've shared earlier, you can help them out of this stress by giving them an anchor or a focal point. Gifting a Kanhaji as the focal point serves in two ways - it helps them focus on the baby God and helps them gain positive energies from Him.

  1. Invoke divine energies

By gifting a Kanhaji and setting up a jhula near a mother-to-be, you also invoke the blessings of God over them. You invite God to become a part of their day-to-day life, protect and bless them. These blessings extend to the coming baby too.

Go ahead and bring the baby Lord into the life of your loved one. We promise that gifting a Kanhaji would be the best decision you can make for your wife, daughter or daughter in law! 

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