Laddu Gopal

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Know what you need if you have laddu Gopal's idol at home!

Do you have a laddu Gopal idol at home?

If yes, then you need to do these things.

Krishna is the embodiment of love and according to Shastras, he had the innate quality to...

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Top Laddu Gopal dress design collection for Winters

“For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.”

Laddu Gopal at your home is a sign of good luck and prosperity. Many people are now keeping the
Lord Krishna idol and taking proper care of them...

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4 Ideal Ways To Worship Laddu Gopal At Home




Many Hindu Homes embrace the idol of Laddu gopal in their home temples. It is believed that Laddu gopal brings happiness, prosperity and good luck for the family members. Besides that, the arrival of laddu...

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5 Exclusive Ways To Style Your Thakur Ji This New Year




Devotees of Shri Krishna ought to celebrate the first day of the New Year with Lord Krishna but due to the ongoing pandemic it’s a bit difficult to visit the holy place Vrindavan, however the devotees would...

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5 Christmas Special Dresses For Laddu Gopal Ji





Christmas is an annual festival celebrated all around the world. The Auspicious occasion commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christ in Christianity is similar to Shri Krishna in Hinduism in many ways. In fact there is...

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5 Fresh And Attractive Designs Of Kanha Ji Singhasan




The ideal way to revere Lord Krishna is by decorating the deity with beautiful kanha ji accessories and poshak and placing him in an attractive singhasan for laddu gopal ji. It’s a ritual to place...