Laddu Gopal Ji Dress Size Chart

Kanhaji, the playful, mischevious bubble of innocence, can be the perfect and valued addition for your home temple or as a gift for your loved one. In his bright-eyed toddler avatar - the Laddu Gopal or Makhanchor, Krishna is a sight of celestial joy, which can bring peace, prosperity and a sense of calm into your life.

Kanhaji in all sizes - Finding the one for you

If you've got your heart set on welcoming the childhood avatar of Kanhaji into your home, remember that this is as good as bringing a baby home. You will need to pamper your Kanhaji and take care of his needs, just like a little one.

He needs to be fed, changed and bathed every day. Decide the right place where you would set up His table before you begin looking for the right idol - this will give you a size estimate for your Kanhaji.

Remember, this place would have to be either at a medium height, where you may worship Him or a heightened platform. You may not place Him on the floor or the bed. Now, with this choice in mind, let us take you through the Kanhaji size guide.

The Kanhaji size guide


On our website, we offer the pristine form of the Laddu gopal / Kanhaji in these sizes: 

  1. Laddu Gopal Idol Size No. 0 (1.75-inches):

We recommend this thumb-sized version of the dear Laddugopal if you wish to set a small corner for Him or are on the move. You may also consider gifting this little one to your son or daughter if they're moving away for higher education. Dress for 0 number Kanha ji  

  1. Laddu Gopal Idol Size No. 1 (2.20 inches):

Welcome the finger-sized Kanhaji on your kitchen counter or small shelf that you've set up for Him on your study or dressing table. A mere look at His cherubic form will take away all of your worries for the day. Dress for 1 number Kanha ji 

  1. Laddu Gopal Idol Size No. 2 (2.75 inches):

No bigger than a fist, our size 2 Kanhaji is a precise fit in most home temples and pooja corners. Serenade your Lalla with chants and lullabies to your heart's content. Dress for 2 number Kanha ji 

  1. Laddu Gopal Idol Size No. 3 (3.15 inches):

Barely as big as a stem of baby corn, our size three idol in brass is also a midsize addition for your home temple. Bedeck it in His favourite shade of bright yellow, and you can feel His blessed presence with you. Dress for 3 number Kanha ji 

  1. Laddu Gopal Idol Size No. 4 (3.40 inches)

This 4-inch tall idol of Laddugopal is a beautiful addition to your home and your day-to-day routine. Often welcomed by couples who long for their own children someday, provide him with his set of sweets - they say He also looks forward to His daily meals.Dress for 4 number Kanha ji 

  1. Laddu Gopal Idol Size No. 5 ( 4 inches)

At 4.5 inches, this Kanhaji idol is an excellent addition to Pooja room or larger temple, if you have or are planning to create a more significant temple in your at your home. You may also invest in a Chowki (an elevated platform/pedestal), a palna (a crib) or a small bed for Him. Dress for 5 number Kanha ji 

  1. Laddu Gopal Idol Size No. 6 (4.5 inches)

The largest Laddugopal in our collection is a welcome sign, which you can affectionately place in the corridor for your home. Let this child shower His love into your life and lavish Him with the tender care that he surely deserves.Dress for 6 number Kanha ji 

Did this size guide help you clarify the kind of Kanhaji you have in your mind? If yes, then move to our shop segment and select one right now.