4 Significant House Decorative Items That Bring Good Luck





Embrace your house with items that bring good luck and fortune your way. These small decorative items have immense significance associated with them. This article talks about the decorative showpieces which are good to be bought and kept in the house.

Ensure wellbeing, good luck and prosperity with the following house decorative items:

Blue Marble Home Decorative, Good Luck Tortoise/Turtles

Good Luck Turtle

A Turtle is considered to be a symbol of longevity, stability and fortune. It also has great significance both in Vastu and in Feng Shui. The turtle itself has a long life and therefore it denotes long life which is good for elderly people and otherwise to keep in the house. Besides enhancing the decoration of the temple, house, office, hotel, etc, the decorative turtle is also great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, new venture, award ceremonies, festive and more.

It is best to place the Turtle in a position facing the main door in the Northern corner of the house or office to bring fortune and a long life. To create a sense of wellbeing and long life for all family members, place the turtle in the east corner of your house. To protect against dangers and prevent accidents for family members, place this turtle at your main entrance, facing outside.

It’s more than just a beautiful decorative showpiece!

Beautiful Hanging To Embrace Entrance

Embrace the entrance of your home with an aesthetically vibrant garland hanging that gives a positive vibe to your home and infuses a lively vive into anyone who enters your home. Available in different colors and designs, this hanging is not just for the festive season but can be decorated at all times. A beautifully decorative entrance makes for a beautiful home filled with happiness and good fortune.

Beautiful Heart Shape Beads Bandanwar / Toran

Marble Finish with Stone Work Cow Idol

A cow idol is definitely an inspiring  and relaxing decorative showpiece that not just elevates the look of your temple, house or office cabin but also brings good luck and strengthens your will power. It also serves as a great gift for house warming, weddings or any other religious occasion.

The best place to decorate this piece is the temple of your home. Decorate it on the top of your temple to catch the attraction of the on-lookers.

Marble Finish with Stone Work Cow Idol

Beautiful Designer Idol Duck for Home

A pair of duck brings good luck for the married couples and keeps them away from any evil. The idol must be kept in the bedroom of the married couple so that their love remains just as beautiful as the pair of duck. The idol promises togetherness to the couple, giving them abundance of luck and love.

Beautiful Designer Idol Duck for Home

Get your luck home with any of the aforementioned house decorative items and be happy forever.

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