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Mykanha offers a wide range of kanha ji accessories including heavy and designer kanthmala or necklace. The designs are crafted keeping in mind the prestige of the lord.

Adorn your laddu gopal ji with designer mala

Jewelry mirrors the breathtaking beauty of the Lord. Therefore we adorn the lord with beautifications to amplify the grace of the lord and to offer him respect and our regards in the form of ornaments like Mala, Mukut, bracelets and so on.

Carved with grace and elegancy, mykanha brings a range of designer mala for kanha ji at exclusive prices. Every piece showcased has essence of beauty and magnificence as we know that we are carving it for the almighty.

Buy kanhaji designer kanthmala at mykanha

Lord is usually depicted wearing designer kanthamala in Hindu Culture. Many god and goddess are depicted wearing gold and silver jewelry. With the evolvement in times, the jewelry designs and materials have also evolved. Devotees now prefer adorning the lord with designer and artificial jewelry. Mykanha showcases a range of beautiful designer jewelry pieces and kanthmala for Shri Krishna.

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