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Mukut / Pagdi for Idols
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Kamarbandh / Tagdi for Idols
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  1. Laddu Gopal Mukut
         Starts from ₹89.00     
  2. Diamond Moti Decorated Red Mukut For Laddu Gopal
         Starts from ₹69.00     
  3. Stone Decorated Orange Mukut For Laddu Gopal ji
         Starts from ₹44.25     
  4. Moti Decorated Pink Mukut For Laddu Gopal Ji
         Starts from ₹59.00     
  5. Stone Decorated Haar For Bal Gopal & Radha Ran ...
         Starts from ₹49.00     
  6. Stone & Flower Decorated Mala Kanha Ji
         Starts from ₹69.00     
  7. Stone Decorated Haar for Idols
         Starts from ₹79.00     
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238 items

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Buy Shringar to embellish the Deities!


Laddu Gopal Shringar is a kit of several embellishments used to ornament the Lord. The childhood form of Lord Krishna is welcomed with all zest and gusto on his birthday famously known as Janmashtami. On this day, devotees from around the globe buy bal gopal shringar to embellish the little deity and celebrate the most auspicious day when the Lord was born to shower his blessings and love upon all of us.

Deities Accessories & Shringar are the most important part of the celebrations and are typically equipped with bal gopal dress, crown (mukut), mala, earrings and a flute (bansuri).


Mykanha is the one stop destination when it comes to buying embellishments for Laddu Gopal. From Bansuri to singhasan and from the most colorful and vibrant laddu gopal poshak to beautifully beaded crowns, we have everything you need for your kanha ji. The best part is that everything available at Mykanha is exclusively procured from the famous artisans of Shri Dham Vrindavan who know the depth of love that devotees embrace for Krishna. 

Choose from a beautiful range of Thakur ji Shringar accessories

The beautiful accessory collection is crafted keeping in mind the adoration we all have for kanha ji. We bring a range of Kanha ji shringar online for the devotees who’d want to buy unique and affordable items to adorn Kanha ji.

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