Kanha ji Haar

Kanha ji Stone and Bead Decorated Haar (5-6 number)

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  • Diamond Necklace
  • Laddu Gopal Necklace
  • Haar
  • Color according to availablity
  • Thakur Ji Necklace
  • Thakur Ji Shringar
  • Large - ( 4-6 nubmer)
  • 1 Haar only
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This Kanha ji Stone and bead haar can be offered to deity idols or can be hung on the altar or entrance door. It is a sign of welcoming and invoking the blessings of a deity. Garlands have an important and traditional role in every festival, the Gods are decorated with garlands made from different fragrant flowers and leaves.
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Manufacturing Country India
Package Contains 1 Haar only , Color according to availablity
Washable No
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