Hindu gods are often decked up with ornaments and grand poshak, however it is not the decoration that make them beautiful but the Gods and Goddesses are embellished with ornaments to let the ornaments derive their purpose from them. The purpose of shringar is to amplify the beauty of the lord who wears them. The purpose is reversed as the lord makes them even more gracious and impart them efficacy.

Shringar is not just about ornaments or grand accessories, it has great significance attached to it, each Hindu God and Goddess has various characteristics, like the dress they adorn, their accessories, vehicles and weapons, that are the symbols of the deity’s power. Goddess Durga holds several weapons as a symbol of power, Lord Vishnu holds a conch which stands for the five significant elements and eternity, shiva’s trident represents the three gunas, similarly Kanha ji bansuri symbolizes divine music and laddu gopal shringar symbolizes beauty in its purest form.

Many Hindu deities can be recognized with the symbols associated with them. Lord Shiva is often signified by the ‘linga’- the three horizontal lines on his forehead. Similarly, Lord Krishna is known for bearing a peacock feather that symbolizes his love for the green beings and there are many stories surrounded by the same.

Shri Krishna, who is one of the most loved Hindu Gods, is known in his various forms. Shringar for kanha ji has great importance and is symbolic of beauty and purity. On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, the grand kanha ji shringar is performed to please the lord. Albeit, the lord doesn’t need ornaments to look beautiful but as devotees, we feel a sense of adorning the God, when we embellish them with precious ornaments and dresses.

About Kanha ji Shringar

Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu and is one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. Shri Krishna is depicted in many forms due to the fact that there are so many stories surrounding him. The most common story describes him as a divine lover who plays his flute to charm his beloved Radha. He is also famously described in his child form known as bal gopal or laddu gopal. These two forms of Shri Krishna are widely worshipped by the devotees. In paintings and ancient images, the lord is often sighted wearing heavy jewelry and accessories with a yellow loincloth and a crown, bansuri and peacock feather in his head are some other indispensable kanha ji accessories.