Diwali is one of the most popular Hindu festivals and is also known as the festival of lights. The festival is not just a cultural occasion but an occasion of shopping and decorating house.It’s that time of the year when people dwell into festivities with great enthusiam. People all over India celebrate this festival with lights, colors, rangolis, diyas and more such decorative items that add charm, cheer and warmth to the festival. Apart from that, there are some more essential decorative items that you must buy to celebrate the festival rightly.

Here is a list of Diwali essentials that you should buy.

Laxmi Ganesh Idol

The festival of Diwali is complete only after you worship Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha together. The best way to perform this puja is with the family, by happily singing religious songs and offering sweets to the God first and distribute as Prasad later among your family members.

Decorative stickers for Diwali

Shubh Labh stickers, swastik stickers and other are best to decorate right at the entrance to bring good luck and welcome the Goddess home.

Diwali Pooja thali

The festival of Diwali is known for prayers and Diwali pooja, therefore Diwali pooja thali plays a vital role during the occasion. The Pooja thali is a plate decorated with colorful cloth which is used to keep things like Roli, Sweets, candles, flowers and more for pooja.

This is a well decorate puja thali that’s absolutely essential in Diwali celebrations!

Akshat and Roli box

Any Hindu festival is imcomplete without a pooja and for conducting pooja you need akshat and roli box. Make the festival special with exquisite roli box. This box can be reused for other pooja ceremonies as well.

Diwali Home decoration Items

Diwali home decoration items include rangolis and hangings which are considered to be very auspicious and a sign of welcoming Goddess Lakshmi at home. The deity is an important figure revered on Diwali, you can pray to the Goddess rightly by decorating home with auspicious decorative items.

It is important that you plan essential decorative items to be bought ahead of Diwali and decide your budget. Avid last minute waste shopping and get it planned beforehand for the occasion. Refer to our list and make your shopping list at least 3 days before Diwali.