Chandra Darshan is a Hindu festival that is celebrated on the day when the moon becomes visible for the first time after the new moon day or Amavasya. It is a day to honor Chandra Dev, the moon god, who is considered one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. Chandra Dev is associated with beauty, fertility, creativity, emotions, and intuition. He is also the lord of plants, herbs, and medicines.

Chandra Darshan occurs once a month in the Hindu calendar. The timing of Chandra Darshan depends on the location and visibility of the moon. It usually happens in the evening after sunset when a thin crescent of the moon can be seen in the sky. The devotees observe a fast on this day and break it only after sighting the moon. They also perform various rituals and offer prayers to Chandra Dev.

Some of the rituals and customs followed on Chandra Darshan are:

- Taking a bath in holy water before sunrise and wearing clean clothes.

- Offering water, milk, honey, curd, rice, flowers, fruits, etc., to Chandra Dev at a temple or at home.

- Lighting lamps or candles near an image or idol of Chandra Dev.

- Reciting mantras or hymns dedicated to Chandra Dev such as "Om Chandraya Namah" or "Om Som Somaya Namah".

- Reading or listening to stories related to Chandra Dev such as his marriage with 27 nakshatras (constellations) or his curse by Daksha Prajapati (his father-in-law).

- Meditating on Chandra Dev's form and seeking his guidance and grace.

- Donating food, clothes, money, etc., to Brahmins (priests) or needy people.

Chandra Darshan has many benefits for those who observe it with faith and devotion. Some of them are:

- It removes sins and negative karma from one's life.

- It bestows peace of mind and happiness.

- It enhances one's beauty and charm.

- It improves one's health and immunity.

- It boosts one's creativity and intelligence.

- It attracts wealth and prosperity.