Brahmacharini Puja is a Hindu festival that honors the second form of Goddess Durga, who is also known as Goddess Brahmacharini. It is celebrated on the second day of Navratri, which is a nine-day festival dedicated to different aspects of the Divine Mother.

Goddess Brahmacharini represents the unmarried and ascetic form of Goddess Parvati, who performed severe penance to win Lord Shiva as her husband. She is depicted as a young woman wearing white clothes and holding a rosary and a water pot in her hands. She symbolizes purity, devotion, determination and wisdom.

The devotees worship Goddess Brahmacharini by offering jasmine flowers, coconut, fruits, paan and supari, haldi and kumkum. They also offer panchamrit, which is a mixture of milk, curd, honey, sugar and ghee. They chant mantras and sing aarti to invoke her blessings.

Brahmacharini Puja is believed to bestow peace, happiness and prosperity to the devotees. It also helps them overcome obstacles and attain spiritual enlightenment. It activates the swadhisthana chakra or the sacral chakra of the body, which governs creativity and emotions.

Brahmacharini Puja is a festival of devotion and penance that celebrates the power and grace of Goddess Durga.