Bhai Dooj, also known as Bhau-Beej or Bhai Phota, is a Hindu festival celebrated on the second day after Diwali. It falls on the fifth day of the Hindu month of Kartik. This festival is a celebration of the love and bond between brothers and sisters. It is one of the most important festivals for Hindus, especially in North India.

On this day, sisters pray for the well-being and prosperity of their brothers. They perform aarti, apply a tikka on their brother's forehead, and offer sweets and gifts. In return, brothers pledge to protect and support their sisters throughout their lives. It is a day to strengthen the bond between siblings and express gratitude towards each other.

The festival has its roots in ancient Indian mythology. According to one legend, Lord Yamraj, the god of death, visited his sister Yami (also known as Yamuna) on this day. Yami welcomed her brother with an aarti and prepared a feast for him. Touched by his sister's hospitality and love, Yamraj blessed her with a long life and prosperity. From that day on, Bhai Dooj became a symbol of love and affection between siblings.

Another popular legend behind the festival is the story of Lord Krishna and his sister Subhadra. When Lord Krishna returned home after defeating the demon Narakasura, Subhadra welcomed him with an aarti and applied a tikka on his forehead. In return, Lord Krishna promised to protect his sister from all evils.

The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy across India. Sisters dress up in new clothes and prepare aarti thalis with sweets, flowers, and diyas. Brothers also dress up in traditional attire and visit their sisters' homes. The day is spent in feasting, exchanging gifts, and sharing stories.

Bhai Dooj is not just a festival, but a celebration of the bond between brothers and sisters. It is a reminder that no matter how far apart they may be, their love and support for each other will always remain strong. This festival is a beautiful way to express love and gratitude towards siblings and cherish their special relationship.