On attaining the divine love for God, the devotees neither yearn for pleasant nor grieve on losing them. Praying and venerating the Lord is what gives them inner satisfaction and happiness. Shri Krishna devotees take pleasure in praying, adoring and decorating the idol of God with modern and creative clothing/shringar.

Now is the time to indulge in modern deity dresses with new and exclusive designs. Below listed are some modern yet simple kanha ji dresses for 2022 that devotees can buy for their deity.

Simple cotton frill dress with a hat

The dress is made from supreme quality cotton fabric with frill and sequin on it. It has lace on the border that makes the circle of the dress look amazing. A matching hat when paired with the dress will complete its modern look.

Janmashtami Collection

Butterfly design dress

The absolutely new style and design will make your deity look extraordinarily beautiful and outstanding. You can use this dress on special occasion to make your deity look attractive and gorgeous.

Beaded dress with fully embellished turban

To make your kanha ji dressed up for the festivals, the beaded dress with embellished turban is perfect. The exclusive embroidery work on the dress makes it one of the best and luxurious looking kanha ji dresses. It is primarily a dress that you’d like to buy for the special occasion of Janmashtami. 

Night dress for laddu gopal

Comfortable and simple night dress for laddu gopal comes with an upper part and a small inner wear. The dress is decorated with ribbons and is made out of good quality fabric. The night dress is crafted with printed fabric with turns on the sides and edges to keep your kanha ji at comfort all night long.

 Lightweight dress with Gota border

A simple orange dress with gota border is just appropriate for the season and is suitable for everyday wear. Best thing about the dress is that it is not so heavy in fact extremely light weighted and perfect for the hot summer weather.

Devotees relish dressing up the idol of Lord, therefore all other material items seems insignificant in comparison. The bliss of buying kanha ji dresses and embellishing the lord seems to be the most important things that devotees love to do. Such devotees are indeed closest to the Lord Shri Krishna. Now devotees can also shop online from leading sites like mykanha.com, the shop offers affordable and latest dresses for laddu gopal ji and also specializes in offering turbans and Mukut for the deities.