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  1. 5 Modern Kanha Ji Dress Designs For 2021


    On attaining the divine love for God, the devotees neither yearn for pleasant nor grieve on losing them. Praying and venerating the Lord is what gives them inner satisfaction and happiness. Shri Krishna devotees take pleasure in praying, adoring and decorating the idol of God with modern and creative clothing/shringar.

    Now is the time to indulge in modern deity dresses with new and exclusive designs. Below listed are some modern yet simple kanha ji dresses for 2021 that devotees can buy for their deity.

    Simple cotton frill dress with a hat

    The dress is made from supreme quality cotton fabric with frill and sequin on it. It has lace on the border that makes the circle of the dress look amazing. A matching hat when paired with the dress will complete its modern look.

    Butterfly design dress

    The absolutely new style and design will make your

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  2. 5 Life Changing Lessons By Shri Krishna

    Despite suffering so much Shri Krishna lead a happy life and even taught others the right way of leading their lives. His teachings are a blessing for the mankind that teaches us all great things.

    True Friendship

    True Friendship

    Even though Krishna was the king of grand Dwarka and all powerful, he was still humble and had tremendous respect and love for his friend Sudama. Unlike Krishna Sudama was deprived of financial wealth. One day when Sudama visited the Lord, he saw tears in Krishna’s eyes and the same kind of love that he always used to have for him. Krishna cleaned Sudama’s feet with his hands and served his dear friend.

    Shri Krishna is the true embodiment of love and simplicity. And he explains us th

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  3. 5 Exclusive Ways To Style Your Thakur Ji This New Year

    Devotees of Shri Krishna ought to celebrate the first day of the New Year with Lord Krishna but due to the ongoing pandemic it’s a bit difficult to visit the holy place Vrindavan, however the devotees would definitely want to decorate their own home temple  and idol of kanha ji for the celebrations. Ditch the regular dresses this year and style your Laddu Gopal with exclusive and unique dresses.

    Warm and comfortable pochu for laddu gopal

    Winter Night Innerwear For Laddu Gopal

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  4. 5 Fresh And Attractive Designs Of Kanha Ji Singhasan

    The ideal way to revere Lord Krishna is by decorating the deity with beautiful kanha ji accessories and poshak and placing him in an attractive singhasan for laddu gopal ji. It’s a ritual to place laddu gopal ji on singhasan on the special occasion of Janmashtami and swing him with love. Devotees from all parts of the country decorate their home temples with beautiful singhasan and place the deity on it to welcome him on his birthday.

    There is an array of designer and decorative singhasan available in the market both online and offline. You can find different shapes, types and material of kanha ji bed thoughtfully handcrafted by famous artisans especially for the deity. From peacock design singhasan to embellished wooden beds with pillow sets are easily and affordably available today as a number of devotees buy it for their home temples.

    Here are a few fresh an

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  5. 5 Most Beautiful Shringar Of Laddu Gopal Ji

    Kanha ji resides in our hearts. Our love and devotion for the lord is boundless and pure. Shri Krishna is revered in several forms, from the naughtiness as Bal Gopal avatar in Gokul to his youthfulness in Raas Leela with Gopi's, devotees pray to every essence of Shri Krishna. We remember him in distress as well as when we are happy. The lord makes us feel content and give us the strength to continue our livelihood.

    Having kanha ji’s idol at home is a complete blessing. Seeing him every day and dressing him up aesthetically gives immense happiness and pleasure to his devotees.

    For this reason, we have come up with a list of most beautiful shringar for laddu gopal ji that anyone can try at home to offer the lord a beautiful look.

      1. The mesmerizing look of kanha ji is further enhanced with this blue poshak with designer frills that form shape of petals. Decorate your laddu gopal
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  6. Mykanha Enhances User Experience with the Launch of Mobile Application

    Mykanha, the leading laddu gopal dress online shopping store, announces the launch of its first mobile application. The Mobile app offers better user experience and deeper satisfaction with convenient access to a variety of laddu gopal dresses, accessories and pooja related items online. This all-mobile experience offers more approachability for the buyers to unveil new and fashionable range of kanha ji dresses, and this is available for users of android devices.

    Kanha ji lovers are fond of shopping beautiful and designer radha Krishna dresses but sometimes it is difficult to search for the right kind of dress. Mykanha makes it more convenient for the buyers who require premium quality dresses with aesthetic and con

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  7. 5 Features Of An Ideal Kanha Ji Dress

    Shri Krishna is close to the heart of his devotees, adorning kanha ji with beautiful dresses is one way to show love and warmth towards the lord. Be it Shri Krishna or his childhood avatar, the lord is known for his piercing features and beauty. Kanha ji loved to dress in different and vibrant colors as he is always remembered wearing mesmerizing accessories like earrings, mala, mukut, bansuri and more. Out of all the hue, yellow is a constant color for Shri Krishna because in the holy book of Bhagwat Gita, the lord is described wearing a yellow pitamber. Also, yellow is an illuminating color that signifies energy and positivity.


    Famous artisans from the holy city of Gokul, Mathura and Vrindavan weave ethnic and aesthetic kanha ji dresses and clothes for bal gopal to ensure beauty in every thread of the dress.


    Be it woolen for winters or satin for summers, the fabric shou

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  8. Kanha Ji Accessories -The Importance Of Shringar In Hinduism

    Hindu gods are often decked up with ornaments and grand poshak, however it is not the decoration that make them beautiful but the Gods and Goddesses are embellished with ornaments to let the ornaments derive their purpose from them. The purpose of shringar is to amplify the beauty of the lord who wears them. The purpose is reversed as the lord makes them even more gracious and impart them efficacy.

    Shringar is not just about ornaments or grand accessories, it has great significance attached to it, each Hindu God and Goddess has various characteristics, like the dress they adorn, their accessories, vehicles and weapons, that are the symbols of the deity’s power. Goddess Durga holds several weapons as a symbol of power, Lord Vishnu holds a conch which stands for the five significant elements and eternity, shiva’s trident represents th

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  9. Krishna And Sudama- Epitome Of True Friendship

    This year 2 August 2020, Sunday is being celebrated as the friendships day. On this day, we bring to you a delightful and touching tale of the epitome of true and divine friendship. A story that’s so overwhelming, a bond that’s too strong, a friendship that’s unforgettable, we present in front of you the true story and the ultimate bond of Krishna and Sudama.

    Sudama was a childhood friend of Shri Krishna. It is believed that Sudama took birth of earth to be able to meet Krishna and participate in all his deeds. He is also believed to be a divine safe and true devotee of Lord Vishnu. Sudama was born in a poor family on the other hand Krishna was from a royal background, however the difference between their status did not in any way hinder their friendship or bond. The two were inseparables and till date their oneness is an example of true friendship in front of the world. This is the reason why they are remembered on the auspicious occasion of friendship.

    Even after l

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  10. How To Dress Up Laddu Gopal Ji For Hariyali Teej 2020

    This year Haryali teej will be celebrated on 23th July 2020, Thursday by Hindus all across the nation. The festival welcomes monsoon and is celebrated to cherish the rainy season when the surroundings become greener. The festival also marks the remembrance of reunion of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati as his wife. Many women fast on this festival seeking well-being of their husbands, children and their own selves.

    The occasion is widely celebrated with singing and dancing, married daughters are embraced with gifts including shringar items and accessories like bangles, clothes and much more famously known as ‘Sindhare’. Special food is made to offer to the god and later to the family as Prasad.

    On this auspicious day moon has a special connection. Women gather to worship the moon and offer milk, curd and flowers at the time of Puja. Both married and unmarried women enjoy the festival by singing, dancing, swinging and dressing up beautifully.

    The occasi

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