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  1. Diwali Essentials That You Need To Buy

    Diwali is one of the most popular Hindu festivals and is also known as the festival of lights. The festival is not just a cultural occasion but an occasion of shopping and decorating house.It’s that time of the year when people dwell into festivities with great enthusiam. People all over India celebrate this festival with lights, colors, rangolis, diyas and more such decorative items that add charm, cheer and warmth to the festival. Apart from that, there are some more essential decorative items that you must buy to celebrate the festival rightly.

    Here is a list of Diwali essentials that you should buy.

    Laxmi Ganesh Idol

    The festival of Diwali is complete only after you worship Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha together. The best way to perform this puja is with the fami

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  2. Diwali Decoration Ideas 2020 - Creative Tips To Beautify Home

    Cleaning your house on Diwali is as important as decorating it with creative decoration stuff. It’s important clean home thoroughly before starting Diwali decoration. This Diwali get rid of your old things and get some new decorative items along with new curtains, bed sheets, sofa covers and other interior decoration items.

    Some People even go for house repairs and renovation before this festival to enhance home décor and make it attractive. All this is done to please Goddess Laxmi who loves to enter into a clean home filled with positive vibes. So here are some creative tips to beautiful your home this Diwali and welcome the Goddess.



    In the Indian culture, main door has a special significance. Many Indian rituals r

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  3. 4 Significant House Decorative Items That Bring Good Luck

    Embrace your house with items that bring good luck and fortune your way. These small decorative items have immense significance associated with them. This article talks about the decorative showpieces which are good to be bought and kept in the house.

    Ensure wellbeing, good luck and prosperity with the following house decorative items:

    Blue Marble Home Decorative, Good Luck Tortoise/Turtles

    Good Luck Turtle

    A Turtle is considered to be a symbol of longevity, stability and fortune. It also has great significance both in Vastu and in Feng Shui. The turtle itself has a long life and therefore it denotes long life which is good for elderly people and ot

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  4. 8 Best Navratri Dress Designs To Embrace This Season

    The auspicious festival of Navratri is just around the corner. Most of you must be hunting for traditional Navratri outfits that could be worn to celebrate the special occasion! The biggest thing for all of us is to find the best Navratri dress for our beloved Mata Rani and ourselves too.

    There is an array of stylish, most versatile Mata Rani dress designs that will make your idol of Goddess look mesmerizing and glittering. If you are looking for Navratri special clothes that are not just comfortable but fashionable too the following recommendations can be your best bet while choosing latest Navratri dresses.

    1. A beautiful blue raw silk lehenga will surely stand out and quite in sync with the latest trends of 2020. Embedded with kundan and embroidered stylishly, the graceful lehenga is sure a great pick for Navratri.
    2. A pretty contrast of green and b
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  5. Wardrobe ideas for Navratri-2020

    Navratri is the festival of colors, lights and happiness. This auspicious occasion is celebrated for nine-night to worship Goddess Durga. This is the biggest festival in India just like Diwali and is the most awaited one. People of all age groups participate in this festival in some or the other form and get dressed traditionally to worship the Goddess for nine days. Dressing up traditionally is something indispensible when we talk about Navratri.

    So here are some of the best combinations of outfit ideas for Navratri.  As we all know that Navratri is majorly celebrated in Gujarat, Ghagra choli is one popular outfit worn by the ladies as Navratri traditional dress.  There is an array of traditional Navratri outfits. 

    As we all know that the festival of Navratri is just around the corner, there are a lot of options available to be worn and adorn on Goddess Durga.

    Some beautiful wardrobe ideas with blended hues and traditional designs

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  6. Significant Rituals Of Navratri That You Must Perform

    The auspicious Hindu festival of Navratri celebrates the nine forms of Maa Durga. All the family members show their involvement during these days of Navratri to seek blessings of the Goddesses. The festival is celebrated in various regions of the nation, people of different cultures perform similar rituals to revere the Nine forms of Goddess Durga.

    Here are some important rituals or rules of celebrating the festival that you must practice:

    1. Shringar for Goddess Durga

    Each day of Navratri is dedicated to a particular form of Goddess Durga. The idol of the Goddess is decorated in the home temples of almost every Hindu household and is embellished with beautiful shringar including a poshak, accessories, dupatta preferably red in color and flowers are decorated all around. Performing shringar for the Goddess is of great importance in the Hindu culture.

    1. Sowing of “Jowar” or “Barley”
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  7. नवरात्रि के महत्वपूर्ण अनुष्ठान जो आपको अवश्य करने चाहिए

    नवरात्रि का शुभ हिंदू त्योहार मां दुर्गा के नौ रूपों का उत्सव मनाता है। सभी परिवार के सदस्य देवी-देवताओं का आशीर्वाद लेने के लिए नवरात्रि के इन दिनों के दौरान अपनी भागीदारी दिखाते हैं। यह त्योहार राष्ट्र के विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में मनाया जाता है, विभिन्न संस्कृतियों के लोग देवी दुर्गा के नौ रूपों का सम्मान करने के लिए इसी तरह के अनुष्ठान करते हैं।

    यहाँ त्योहार मनाने के कुछ महत्वपूर्ण अनुष्ठान या नियम हैं जिनका आपको अभ्यास करना चाहिए:

    1. देवी दुर्गा के लिए श्रृंगार

    नवरात्रि का प्रत्येक दिन देवी दुर्गा के एक विशेष रूप को समर्पित है। देवी की मूर्ति को लगभग हर हिंदू घर के मंदिरों में सजाया जाता है और सुंदर शृंगार से सजाया जाता है, जिसमें पॉश, सामान, दुपट्टे को अधिमानतः लाल रंग में और फूलों को चारों ओर सजाया जाता है। देवी के लिए श्रृंगार करने का हिंदू संस्कृति में बहुत महत्व है।

    2. "ज्वार" या "जौ" की बुवाई

    शृंगार करने के बाद नवरात्रि के पहले दिन, कुछ जौ या "ज्वार" के बीज एक मिट्टी

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  8. Navratri 2020: The Nine Forms Of Goddess Durga

    Navdurga which literally means nine forms of Goddess Durga, include according to the Hindu mythology, the manifestation of Goddess Durga, the mother goddess, in nine different forms. These Nine forms of Maa Durga are worshipped during the Navratri (nine divine nights) festival, which occurs twice a year. Each form of Maa Durga is known by a specific name and has a different significance.

    The importance of all the nine forms of Maa Durga is briefly explained in the Durga Kawach which is chanted by the devotees of Goddess Durga and which protects them from all evils and ill-health.

    The Nine divine days of Navratri are dedicated to the Navdurga (Nine forms of Goddess Durga), each day for each of the Nine Goddesses.

    Read more about the nine forms.

    1- Shailputri: The first name by which the Goddess Durga is known as is Shailapurti. She rides a bull called Nand

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  9. नवरात्रि 2020: देवी दुर्गा के नौ रूप

    नवदुर्गा जिसका शाब्दिक अर्थ है देवी दुर्गा के नौ रूप, इसमें हिंदू पौराणिक कथाओं के अनुसार, देवी दुर्गा के प्रकट रूप, देवी मां, नौ अलग-अलग रूपों में शामिल हैं। माँ दुर्गा के इन नौ रूपों की पूजा नवरात्रि (नौ दिव्य रातों) त्योहार के दौरान की जाती है, जो कि वर्ष में दो बार होती है। माँ दुर्गा के प्रत्येक रूप को एक विशिष्ट नाम से जाना जाता है और इसका एक अलग महत्व है। माँ दुर्गा के सभी नौ रूपों का महत्व दुर्गा कवच में बताया गया है, जो देवी दुर्गा के भक्तों द्वारा जप किया जाता है और जो उन्हें सभी बुराइयों और बुरे स्वास्थ्य से बचाता है।
    नवरात्रि के नौ दिव्य दिन नवदुर्गा (देवी दुर्गा के नौ रूप) के लिए समर्पित हैं, प्रत्येक नौ देवी देवताओं के लिए प्रत्येक दिन।

    नौ रूपों के बारे में और पढ़ें।

    1. शैलपुत्री: पहला नाम जिससे देवी दुर्गा को शैलपुत्री के नाम से जाना जाता है। वह नंदी नामक बैल की सवारी करती है, जिसके एक हाथ में त्रिशूल और दूसरे हाथ में कमल होता है। शैला का अर्थ पर्वत या शिखर होता है और शैलपुत्री का देवी पार्वती के रूप में पुनर्जन्म ह

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  10. नवरात्रि 2020 के बारे में क्या खास है?

    "नवरात्रि" का शाब्दिक अर्थ "नौ रातें" है। दो शब्दों "नव" और "रात्री" का मिलन, नौ रातों को संदर्भित करता है। भारत में नवरात्रि को नौ शुभ दिनों के लिए एक बड़ा धार्मिक उत्सव माना जाता है। नौ दिनों तक उपवास, ध्यान, प्रार्थना जप, विभिन्न अनुष्ठानों और रीति-रिवाजों के साथ देवी दुर्गा और उनके रूपों को प्रसन्न करने के लिए उत्सव मनाया जाता है।


    देवी दुर्गा और उनके विभिन्न रूपों को एक साथ नवदुर्गा के रूप में जाना जाता है जो शक्ति का प्रतीक हैं और हर हिंदू घर में नौ दिनों के दौरान पूजा की जाती है। नवदुर्गा उन सभी में सबसे शक्तिशाली है जो सबसे खतरनाक दानव को जीतने में सक्षम थे और उसे हराया। इसलिए इन नौ दिनों का हिंदू धर्म और संस्कृति में बहुत महत्व है। देश भर

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