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  1. Holi celebration in Braj: Know Everything About it!


    Who doesn’t love Holi? Well, we all love Holi and are always excited about it.

    Holi brings happiness, joy, and enthusiasm. And celebration is special if it’s celebrated in the Braj, the land where Krishna played Holi.

    Braj Ki Holi is renowned in entire India and the region of Vrindavan, Gokul, Mathura, Phalen, Nandgaon, and Barsana plays an important role in Hindu mythology, as Lord Krishna spent his childhood in these regions.

    Significance of Braj’s Holi

    Braj holds significance in Lord Krishna’s story where he played with his friends and Radha and other Gopis in the holy land. It is also believed that

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  2. Celebrate This Holi in Different Way with Kanha Ji

    The spiritual festival is associated with Lord Krishna, a rebirth of Lord Vishnu, who used to pull tricks on the young ladies by drenching them in colourful hues and water. Even at home, people engage in Kanha ji Holi celebrating with all the rituals to make the day special for their lord.
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  3. Decorate Pooja Room: Do it like an expert!

    The pooja room is the most sacred space in a home. It can be simple or intricate as you want it to be.
    The idea is that it should radiate positive spiritual energy.

    Although the layout of the pooja room and Vastu shastra play an essential role here, we’ll reflect on
    how appropriate furnishing and home decoration can help to create an inviting and serene apace.
    1. Paint the walls: The colours of the room should augment the sense of serenity yet make a
    subtle statement. The home temple is a small space and painting it in light shades of yellow
    or orange will keep the space open and peaceful.

    2. Have a beautiful backdrop: A stunning backdrop will accentuate the simple altar with the
    deity’s idol. For a monochrome prayer space, a minimalistic mandap with Laddu Gopal size
    50 idol is highlighted against a white plaque with a gold leaf pattern.

    3. Play with soft furnishings: Fabrics, with their various sheens and textures, are a grea

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    The famous Ganga Dussehra is celebrated on the 10th day of the Jyeshta Month. The festival is of great significance in the Hindu Mythology and is celebrated all across the country. Celebrating the descent of River Ganga on Earth, this religious festival gives a chance to all the devotees to take a dip in the Holy waters of River Ganga that flows through the popular pilgrimage destinations of Haridwar and Rishikesh. 


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  6. Buddha Purnima 2022- Why And How Do We Celebrate It?

    “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” - Buddha

    Buddha Purnima also known as Buddha Jayanti is celebrated with much fervor across the world. The day is celebrated as Buddha’s Birthday and it falls on the full moon day in the month of Vaisakh according to the Hindu Calender. This year the festival will be celebrated on May 16 2022.

    Why do we celebrate Buddha Purnima?

    Buddha Purnima is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by people from all religions but majorly by the Buddhist community. The other names of the festival are Vaisakh day or Vaisakh purnima. Here are some reasons why we celebrate the festival with much excitement.

    Triply auspicious

    The festival marks the birth, enlightenment, and death of Lord Gautam Buddha. It is said that Lord Buddha was born and had attained Mahaparinirvana leaving the Mortal coils

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  7. 5 Christmas Special Dresses For Laddu Gopal Ji

    Christmas is an annual festival celebrated all around the world. The Auspicious occasion commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christ in Christianity is similar to Shri Krishna in Hinduism in many ways. In fact there is only one supreme power that has different faces for their disciples and believers. On the special occasion of Christmas even the Hindus dress up their gods and goddesses beautifully and revere them to seek their blessings.

    So if you’re one of those devotees who don’t want to miss a single occasion to dress up laddu gopal ji in festive and exclusive dresses, then you’re just at the right place.

    Skim through our collection of beautiful Christmas dresses for kanha ji and buy one that pleases you.

    1. Santa dress

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  8. दिवाली अनिवार्य है कि आप खरीदने की जरूरत है?

    दिवाली सबसे लोकप्रिय हिंदू त्योहारों में से एक है और इसे रोशनी के त्योहार के रूप में भी जाना जाता है। त्योहार सिर्फ एक सांस्कृतिक अवसर नहीं है, बल्कि खरीदारी और घर सजाने का एक अवसर है। यह उस वर्ष का समय है जब लोग बड़े उत्साह के साथ उत्सव में शामिल होते हैं। पूरे भारत में लोग इस त्यौहार को रोशनी, रंग, रंगोली, दीयों और ऐसे अन्य सजावटी सामानों के साथ मनाते हैं, जो त्यौहार के आकर्षण, उत्साह और गर्मी को जोड़ते हैं। इसके अलावा, कुछ और आवश्यक सजावटी सामान हैं जो आपको त्योहार को सही तरीके से मनाने के लिए खरीदना चाहिए।

    यहाँ दीपावली अनिवार्य की एक सूची है जिसे आपको खरीदना चाहिए।

    लक्ष्मी गणेश प्रतिमा

    दिवाली का त्यौहार तभी पूरा होता है जब आप एक साथ देवी लक्ष्मी और गणेश की पूजा करते हैं। इस पूजा को करने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका परिवार के साथ है, खुशी से धार्मिक गीत गाते हुए और पहले भगवान को मिठाई भेंट करते हैं और बाद में प्रस

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  9. How To Perform Laxmi Ganesh Pooja On Diwali

    Diwali, the most popular Hindu festival brings with it a long list of events, rituals, celebrations and pujas. The central emphasize is on inviting prosperity into households and businesses by performing Lakshmi Ganesh pooja on this festival. Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth and the consort of Lord Vishnu, it is believed that on the occasion of Diwali Goddess laxmi enters into the homes of those who pray to her with whole heart and who practice cleanliness at home.

    Preparations for the day!

    Before starting the pooja ceremony, one should clean the house thoroughly and use decorative items to deck up the house and temple. People usually wear new traditional clothes and sprinkle gangajal at home as a mark of purification ritual.

    How to perform laxmi Ganesh pooja?

    • Place a table and cover it with a fresh cloth. Then place the idol of Laxmi Ganesh on the pedestal.
    • You can use a puja thali an
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  10. Diwali Essentials That You Need To Buy

    Diwali is one of the most popular Hindu festivals and is also known as the festival of lights. The festival is not just a cultural occasion but an occasion of shopping and decorating house.It’s that time of the year when people dwell into festivities with great enthusiam. People all over India celebrate this festival with lights, colors, rangolis, diyas and more such decorative items that add charm, cheer and warmth to the festival. Apart from that, there are some more essential decorative items that you must buy to celebrate the festival rightly.

    Here is a list of Diwali essentials that you should buy.

    Laxmi Ganesh Idol

    The festival of Diwali is complete only after you worship Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha together. The best way to perform this puja is with the fami

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