Monthly Archives: January 2022

Monthly Archives: January 2022

  1. Decorate Pooja Room: Do it like an expert!

    The pooja room is the most sacred space in a home. It can be simple or intricate as you want it to be.
    The idea is that it should radiate positive spiritual energy.

    Although the layout of the pooja room and Vastu shastra play an essential role here, we’ll reflect on
    how appropriate furnishing and home decoration can help to create an inviting and serene apace.
    1. Paint the walls: The colours of the room should augment the sense of serenity yet make a
    subtle statement. The home temple is a small space and painting it in light shades of yellow
    or orange will keep the space open and peaceful.

    2. Have a beautiful backdrop: A stunning backdrop will accentuate the simple altar with the
    deity’s idol. For a monochrome prayer space, a minimalistic mandap with Laddu Gopal size
    50 idol is highlighted against a white plaque with a gold leaf pattern.

    3. Play with soft furnishings: Fabrics, with their various sheens and textures, are a grea

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  2. Know what you need if you have laddu Gopal's idol at home!

    Do you have a laddu Gopal idol at home?

    If yes, then you need to do these things.

    Krishna is the embodiment of love and according to Shastras, he had the innate quality to attract anyone in contact with him.

    However, a Krishna idol in kid form at home is totally different from idols of him with his brother, Balaram or Rukmini, wife of Krishan Ji, or any other form. Know what you need in your home temple to serve laddu gopal.

    Flute (bansuri)

    Krishna was proficient at playing the flute and hearing him play, all the gopis would dance around him. It is accepted that the flute can unite individuals, so it is a need in your home sanctuary.

    Cow and calf sculpture

    According to

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