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Monthly Archives: April 2020

  1. 5 Reasons Why Kanhaji Is The Best Gift For Expecting Wives, Daughters And Daughters-In-Law

    The road to motherhood isn't an easy one. There are many times of anxiety, or when too many things seem to be happening together. That's why what most mothers-to-be need at such a time is an anchor, one that can allow them to focus their energies and get a sense of calm and peace. And the best way to anchor a would-be mother is the child deity, Kanhaji.

    In this blog, we detail why gifting a small Kanhaji, either the Makhanchor or the Laddugopal in a Lord Jhula is the best possible idea for expecting wives, daughters and daughters-in-law:

    • Auspicious sign
    • A blessed face
    • Invoke the motherly spirit
    • Ease your worries
    • Invoke divine energies
    1. A holy sign

    Bring in the Holy Spirit into your household by gifting a Kanhaji to a moms-to-be. The positive energy from the toddler god will fill up their days with cheer and joy. He will also protect them fr

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  2. The Kanhaji Size Guide: Know The Right Laddu Gopal For Your Home

    Kanhaji, the playful, mischevious bubble of innocence, can be the perfect and valued addition for your home temple or as a gift for your loved one. In his bright-eyed toddler avatar - the Laddu Gopal or Makhanchor, Krishna is a sight of celestial joy, which can bring peace, prosperity and a sense of calm into your life.

    Kanhaji in all sizes - Finding the one for you

    If you've got your heart set on welcoming the childhood avatar of Kanhaji into your home, remember that this is as good as bringing a baby home. You will need to pamper your Kanhaji and take care of his needs, just like a little one.

    He needs to be fed, changed and bathed every day. Decide the right place where you would set up His table before you begin looking for the right idol - this will give you a size estimate for your Kanhaji.

    Remember, this place would have to be either at a medium height, where you may worship Him or a heightened platform. You may not place Him

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